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Poor indoor air quality has been found to have a direct correlation with symptoms like migraines and headaches, fatigue, difficulty staying focused, conjunctivitis, nasal congestion, throat discomfort, and lung and respiratory issues. Specifically, breathing air chock full of pollutants, moisture, and allergens is directly linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Exposure to certain pollutants and toxins like asbestos and radon have been linked to cancer, following years of breathing them in.

What Factors Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Many small things affect overall indoor air quality. Such factors include but are not limited to lack of proper ventilation, lack of temperature control, humidity fluctuations, dust particles from nearby construction or remodel, presence of mold, contaminants from cleaning supplies, pesticides, and other airborne chemicals. Slow gas leaks and other chemical leaks can affect air toxicity over time as well.

Studies indicate that indoor air quality affects children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems at a much higher rate than adults without immune deficiencies.

Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants are aplenty–and come from many sources. A few common indoor air pollutants include but are not limited to:

  • Fuel-burning appliances
  • Tobacco products
  • Asbestos-containing insulation
  • New flooring or carpet
  • Cabinetry or furniture made of pressed wood products
  • Household cleaning products
  • Personal care products
  • Humidification devices/excess moisture
  • Outdoor air pollutants that can easily make their way indoors, such as radon, pesticides, and gas

Clean Air Solutions

At Palmetto Heating & Air we are committed to clean air. We offer a few solutions for both residential and commercial installation to keep the air that you, your customers, and your family breathe as safe and pure as possible. Dust, pet fur and dander, pollen, chemicals, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses can all be classified as air pollutants and are much more prevalent than any of us realize until they are filtered out of the air in our homes and businesses.

Palmetto technicians favor Aprilaire filters and Aprilaire air purifiers because not only do they work extremely well to cleanse the air around you, but protect your HVAC system prolonging its life cycle as well.  Aprilaire filters are effective for 6-12 months as compared to the traditional HVAC system’s 1-3 month filter, saving you money and improving long-term health.

iWave air purifiers are another favorite of our offerings at Palmetto, as they use patented needlepoint bipolar ionization technology to cleanse each air particle that passes over the iWave without producing any harmful byproducts that can essentially cancel out the work of an air purifier. When these ions are injected into the air stream, they are able to break down any passing pollutants and gasses, turning them into harmless organic compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. Contact us to find out more about iWave air purifiers!

Finally, we are proud to offer Global Plasma Solutions for improved indoor air quality. The patented technology utilizes an electric charge to create a plasma field which contains a high concentration of positive and negative ions. As both types of ions travel along with the air stream flowing through your indoor space, they attach to dust particles, pathogens and toxic gasses. The ions help to collect the fine sub-micron particles, making them large enough to filter through your system.

Monitoring Air Quality

Air quality monitors are an essential tool for keeping your home environment healthy for all. These monitors are typically low in cost and use one or more sensors to detect, monitor, and notify you of concerning levels of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and/or humidity. You can purchase monitors that register and help detect multiple types of pollutants or focus on just one, such as carbon dioxide. We recommend investing in at least one air quality monitor for your home in the same way you would take the precaution of investing in smoke detectors.

Rely on Palmetto Heating & Air for Clean Air Solutions

If you’re ready to improve the air quality in your space, get in touch with the team at Palmetto Heating & Air. Our clean air solutions are sure to benefit you and yours, and we’d love the opportunity to earn your business.