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Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind regarding health, indoor air quality impacts our well-being in more ways than meets the eye. Indoor air quality is crucial in maintaining your home or place of work’s overall health and comfort. Poor air quality is proven to impact the long-term health of humans and pets, which is why it’s so essential to monitor and improve indoor air quality continuously.

At Palmetto Heating & Air, we know how important it is to maintain pristine indoor air quality in your spaces. If you’re wondering how to improve indoor air quality, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of tips for improving indoor air quality to ensure your spaces remain comfortable and healthy.

Four Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

1) Schedule Maintenance

When it comes to your home’s health, your HVAC unit remains at the heart of it. Your HVAC system helps circulate air throughout a room efficiently. And when your system has issues, it may circulate harmful particles and pollutants throughout your home or workplace. Regular maintenance visits with one of Palmetto’s technicians can ensure your system keeps running smoothly.

2) Change Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are usually out of sight and out of mind. However, air filters are crucial in maintaining the overall air quality of your space. Dirty air filters harbor allergens and pollutants, including bacteria and dust. A dirty air filter recycles these pollutants and allergens throughout the air in your space. We recommend changing your air filters no less often than every three months. Consider changing your filters every one to two months if you have many occupants in your space or pets.

3) Keep Air Circulating

There’s nothing quite like fresh air. Proper ventilation helps maintain and improve air quality. This is especially true if cooking, painting, or other activities that may produce harmful chemicals or peculiar odors occurs in your space. Running vents can help circulate some fresh air into the area to improve ventilation.

4) Invest in an Air Purifier

There are numerous air purifiers on the market to help with your specific purification needs. An air purifier is an easy way to purify your air and boost your indoor air quality. Air purifiers are useful for removing allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from affecting your family’s health. You should also ask our experts about ionization products or media filters.

Maintaining the overall air quality of your spaces is essential for the health and comfort of your family and pets. If you’re wondering how to improve indoor air quality, place your trust in the experts at Palmetto Heating & Air. From basic heating and air concerns to emergency HVAC service, our experts are among the most trusted in the Lowcountry. Contact our HVAC experts today for your commercial and residential heating and air needs in the Sun City, Hilton Head, Hardeeville, and Bluffton areas.