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It’s no secret that HVAC system replacement costs can introduce a bit of stress into the life of a homeowner. At Palmetto Heating & Air, we are always here to explain all the ins and outs of the process, provide full transparency, and ease as much stress as we possibly can.

HVAC System Replacement Cost by Type

Air conditioner unit replacement costs will vary based on type, size, and depending on the complexity of the existing ductwork in your home. These replacement installations sometimes require new ductwork to be installed or changes to be made to the current ductwork/ventilation in your home. Our technicians can easily identify your home’s unique needs. Different types of AC units include the following:

  •     Portable AC unit
  •     Window AC unit
  •     Ductless mini-split unit
  •     Central AC unit 

Furnaces are an essential component of any HVAC system, and replacing a furnace that no longer works properly is crucial to the safety and comfort of your home. However, replacement costs are inconsistent and vary depending on the type of fuel they use. Types of fuel include the following:

  •     Electric furnace
  •     Natural gas furnace
  •     Oil furnace 

Heat pumps are another essential component that must be serviced and replaced accordingly. While heat pump replacement costs may be higher than other HVAC system replacement costs, their long-term energy efficiency will save you from higher energy bills down the line. 

Ask our Palmetto Heat & Air technicians about the different types of HVAC system replacement services we offer. 

Other Factors

We always say that your HVAC system replacement cost calculation is going to be as unique as your home and family themselves. This can range from as low as a couple thousand dollars to more than $12,000, depending on the size, brand, filtration system, and type of unit you choose. At Palmetto, we believe in honest, reliable work, and we are here to help you choose the unit that is truly best-fit for your home and family’s needs.

Labor Intensity

Our professionals are efficient, precise, and thorough, and hard work and attention to detail go into each installation and replacement. Each job requires a unique set of skills, and we have the right technicians to complete any variety of HVAC work that you require. Labor intensity can differ based on whether or not you have had an existing unit, the location inside/outside your home, and environmental challenges, but we will always do the best job for our customers. Call us today to schedule an inspection and receive an honest quote.

Project Type

Overall HVAC system replacement cost differs based on the project at hand. If your home is already equipped with a central air conditioning unit and furnace and you simply would like to upgrade to a better brand or model, that is a much simpler task than a full HVAC system replacement complete with new ductwork. At Palmetto Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity in our prices.

Local Climate

Local climate matters a great deal when it comes to impacting your overall cost. In the low country, we certainly do not need large heating units. We could sometimes get enough warm air just by opening the back door, no matter what month it is. However, we do have to spend a pretty penny on dehumidifying and cooling technology in the summer months. Environmental factors play a large role in HVAC system replacement costs, and we always take that into consideration when providing you with a quote.

Brand and Size

As with anything, a high-end brand name means a high-dollar replacement cost. Additionally, a larger unit size will have a higher cost associated. You’ll need to determine the best size and brand for your particular needs and budget, and our experts will help you make the best decision in selecting a quality HVAC system that fits your budget.

Special Features

You may choose to customize your new HVAC system, which will inevitably increase the overall HVAC system replacement costs. However, like we mentioned earlier, extra bells and whistles like a whole-house dehumidifier may be worth every penny to you and your family. Some homeowners also choose to have customized filtration systems installed. Contact us today to find out which customization services we offer and to receive a quote.

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