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When it comes to managing AC unit installation costs, the type of unit you choose can be the biggest differentiating factor when it comes to pricing. This does not just mean that costs differ brand to brand, but also in size, cooling capabilities, split-system or central units, and energy efficiency.

Size and Capacity

As a general rule, the larger the physical size of your AC unit, the higher the cost will be. However, if you choose an AC unit that is too small for the space you are looking to cool in the name of saving money, installation costs may indeed be less, but the long-term energy costs will be exponentially higher than if you had simply opted for an appropriately large AC unit. We recommend avoiding the urge to cut corners and overwork your small AC system. Feel free to give our HVAC technicians at Palmetto Heating & Air a call at any time for professional expertise when it comes to choosing the right AC unit for your space.

The Right Timing

Sometimes, AC unit malfunction catches us by unwelcome surprise–like in the middle of the hottest months of Lowcountry summer–and we have to scramble to find a replacement, whether funds are readily available or not. Sweating through July and August is simply not an option. In other circumstances, homeowners may decide to preemptively replace an AC unit that isn’t yet broken but might be old and slowing down. The average lifespan of an AC unit is typically around ten years old–meaning that if your unit is surpassing its prime, it might be time to start thinking about replacement to avoid a shocking breakdown. If your unit isn’t quite to its old age but is sucking up abnormal amounts of energy and running up your monthly bill, it might be time to assess your home’s HVAC situation and go a different route to save money in the long run.

Even though purchasing and having a completely new unit installed before it’s gone caput might seem like an unnecessary and overwhelming expense, the age-old advice we give our customers is the amount of money you will save yourself in the future by replacing your AC unit before catastrophe is well above what you are spending on poor functions currently.

If you are still hesitant and unsure whether or not it is the right time to replace your AC unit, give our Palmetto professionals a call and we can help provide some experienced insight into replacement costs and the financing options we offer.

Choosing the Best Financing Method for Your Needs


Contrary to popular belief, paying cash rather than financing your AC unit replacement may not always be the most secure way to go about settling the score. Proceed with caution when paying any large sum of cash for any services rendered, as scammers are always on the prowl and looking to insert themselves into any transaction they can get their hands on. Do your homework and be absolutely certain that you have vetted your AC unit’s seller thoroughly before choosing to pay for a new unit with cash.


Classic and well-known in their processes, credit cards are always a helpful first option when it comes to paying for large, unexpected expenses. However, exercise caution when swiping your card and choose one from your wallet that offers a low interest rate or, even better, an introductory 0% APR for HVAC purchases. Yes, sometimes credit card companies are known to be helpful when it comes specifically to HVAC services!

Personal Loan

Many happy Palmetto customers have chosen to take out a personal loan as a method to finance AC unit replacement or initial AC unit installation. Those who find themselves in an urgent situation needing immediate AC unit replacement find this method especially appealing, as personal loans are easy to apply for, fast to obtain, and do not hinge upon the equity of your home. One drawback, however, is that taking out a personal loan can potentially cause you to face high interest rates. However, as mentioned before, they won’t impact the equity you have already established in your home, and in the worst-case scenario, they certainly won’t put you in a position to lose your property should you default.

Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are a final option we tend to steer away from, but will always inform our customers of. When it comes to financing your AC unit replacement or AC unit installation, home equity loans have low interest rates, but DO put the equity you’ve built in your home as well as your entire property at risk if you find yourself strapped and facing default. These loans are sometimes tax-deductible, particularly when used to finance an improvement to your property value, such as a brand-new HVAC system. These are all things to consider, and you should speak with one of our professionals if you need extra information.

Palmetto Financing

If you’re looking for simplicity, we’re happy to finance your new HVAC installation through our company. Palmetto Heating & Air provides competitive rates and buyer financing so that you don’t have to jump through hoops that other companies or banks may require. To learn more about financing with us, get in touch with our team today. 

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